Arden Medical Building

Property Name: Arden Medical Building
Location: Glendale, CA
Property Type: Medical Office
Transaction Type: Refinance
Loan Amount: $9,500,000
Details: The loan was funded by one of Q10 Westcap’s Life Company Correspondent Lenders and was fixed for 15 years with a 30 year amortization schedule. The Life Company Lender understood the higher lease rates medical office buildings demand giving them the edge in winning the business. The Arden Medical Building is a 5 story medical office property that was built in 1985, experienced excellent historical occupancy and is located within 4 miles of 3 large hospitals totaling 1,295 beds. The proximity to the hospitals has made this location ideal for medical office tenants.
More Info: Stephan Coste at 310-362-6134 or contact me